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The Covert Ranch is a whitetail deer and bird hunting, cattle and quarterhorse breeding ranch in South Texas, 100 miles south of San Antonio, Texas.  The ranch also provides culinary and cigar experiences to its clients.  It is launching a COVERTRANCH CIGARS FOR SOLDIERS program.  We plan to team up with 12 fine cigar retailers and/or manufacturing partners.  We ask that each partner commit to sending us SIX 20-count boxes of their best larger ring-gauged premium cigars during the first week of the month they pick during the timeframe from July, 2008 to May, 2009, to us, preferably all of the same size and type of cigar.  Our mailing address is:  COVERT RANCH, 7700 San Felipe Street, Suite 140, Houston, Texas 77063 USA.

The cigars will be sent to a 107-member US Army company who are members of a tank battalion based near the DMZ in the Republic of Korea.  Covert Ranch will coordinate schedule, sample the cigars, promote dialogue with the troops and pay insurance and shipping costs to Korea.  The company commander has agreed to transmit photos of the troops enjoying your cigars in uniform, in front of their M1A1 tanks, Humvees and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.  As we receive them, these photos will be forwarded to each of our 12 partners for display to rally public support with their customers for our troops overseas and to promote patriotism.  Also, Covert Ranch, through its email, will collect feedback from the troops on their assessment and appreciation for each month’s cigar and we will share those with our 12 partners and post the results on our website in August, 2009.

The troops will be asked to rate the cigars on a scale of 1 to 10.  Also, we will ask Cigar Dave to air the results of the rankings by the troops on his XM Satellite Radio Show (Channel 166) in August, 2009.  From my own experience in the military, I feel there’s probably nothing the troops will appreciate more than the “Cigar Care Packages” we are going to send them and our first month’s batch of cigars was sent out by priority mail on Tuesday, June 19, 2008 in partnership with Robusto’s Cigar Lounge.

Which month from July, 2008 to May, 2009 would you like to sign up to sponsor, July-December, 2008 or January-June, 2009?  This should be an excellent PR opportunity for your company and an opportunity to do something for our boys in uniform.  The framed photographs of the soldiers of Charlie Company should be a big hit in your store or office.

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